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Understanding disability payments, especially for those who do not work in the workers' compensation system daily, is overwhelming and very complicated. As an injured worker, it is important you have a strong legal advocate to walk you through the steps of getting temporary benefits and learn whether you qualify for permanent disability.

At Uriarte & Carr, LLP, we focus nearly our entire practice on helping individuals who have been injured in workplace accidents. Regardless of your job or background, our attorneys are committed to providing every client with professional, personalized legal representation.

Getting Temporary Disability Payments, Medical Treatment And Settlement (Permanent Disability): How Total And Partial Disability Benefits Fit Into The Big Picture

If you have been injured on the job and it is determined you qualify for benefits, our lawyers will provide legal representation throughout the entire process. We are here to help explain when temporary benefits kick in, how long they last and how much you can expect to get for your temporary payments. Here are some of the basics on workers' comp benefits:

  • Money benefits (Temporary Disability Payments): These are temporary benefits if you are temporarily disabled and unable to work. This is two-thirds of your wages (as long as you are unable to work and you are actively treating with a doctor to stabilize your injury). Once your condition has stabilized (reached maximum medical improvement), temporary benefits will end and the process of determining a fair settlement will commence.
  • Medical treatment: You are entitled to get medical treatment for a doctor of your choosing, not just the doctor that the insurance company sends you to. To make sure you are treated fairly and have access to a medical professional or specialist of your choosing, it is important you have legal representation.
  • Workers' compensation settlements: Getting a fair settlement for your workers' compensation claim is extremely important. The compensation you get for your disability will help with lost wages and more. Our attorneys know how to assertively and effectively negotiate to make sure our clients reach a fair settlement, whether that is through negotiations or litigation.

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