Federal Longshore Claims: Attorneys In The Bay Area

Federal longshore claims are very similar to workers' compensation claims; however, there are specific rules when it comes to injured longshore union or dock workers. Uriarte & Carr, LLP, has specific experience representing clients in California in federal longshore claims, and maintains a proven track record helping clients get the benefits they deserve.

Injuries To Longshore And Harbor Employees: Workers' Compensation Claims

Longshore union members, dock workers and nonunion members have unique claims when they are injured on the job. We handle federal longshore cases involving:

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to medical treatment and benefits for missing work. While these benefits are not exactly the same as other work injury claims, they are very similar. It is critical you work with an attorney who understands the difference between injury claims involving longshoremen, harbor and dock workers. An inexperienced lawyer may not know the distinctions between these claims or have the federal experience to handle your claim. At Uriarte & Carr, LLP, we routinely represent clients who have been injured on the job and need strong support throughout the legal process.

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